Evolving over millennia through the melting glaciers, great floods and fire that have shaped the western landscape, native trout have survived in an unmatched variety of habitats. From the cold alpine streams of the northern Rockies to the alkaline waters of Great Basin desert lakes, they are the masters of adaptation.

Unfortunately, native trout cannot always adapt to us. Logging, livestock grazing, and mining can clog streams with silt and pollution, exposing native fish to high temperatures and poor water quality. Dams and water diversions often leave little or no water for fish. Introduced non-native fish compete with native trout for food and habitat and interbreed with them, diluting their genetic fitness and ability to survive in environments as diverse as the West itself.

The Western Native Trout Campaign is committed to restoring healthy native trout populations by uniting biodiversity, wilderness, and fishing advocates in an action-oriented effort to comprehensively protect native western trout and their habitats.

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